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Today I received a Google Alert regarding “Doomsday Preppers.” As I receive a litany of Google Alerts everyday, I’m accustomed to just taking a cursory glance and deleting any that are not immediately compelling. Unfortunately, the lead-in content of this article did compel me. I say unfortunately, because the author of this particular New York Times article made the poor choice of accusing Preppers, specifically those who appeared on National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers,” of zealously looking for “license to open-fire” on their fellowmen”, being “anti-life”, and “full of contempt for humankind”–oh, and that’s just a few of his malicious murmurings. (see NYTimes article here)

I don’t know about you, but such an accusation is significantly worse than Rush Limbaugh’s recent indiscretion, for which he had to apologize. On behalf of all Preppers, I demand the same. To this end, I wrote the following “Letter to the Editor” of the New York Times and frankly, it might be a good idea for you to contact them as well and share with them your feelings regarding this over-the-top, vicious accusation:

I am writing regarding your recent article entitled “Doomsday Has It’s Day in the Sun” Pure and simple, this article only serves to manifest what a total idiot you are. Not only did you paint yourself as anti-personal responsibility, but also anti-God and anti-Gun.

In your article you have the gall to boldly accuse those featured on National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” as being “offensively anti-life and full of contempt for human kind”, having no religion other than the worship of one’s own guns, and that as such, any persons living a “be prepared lifestyle” are solely doing so in order that they can have “license to open fire” on their fellowmen! How in the world do you go from persons living out the Boy Scout Motto of Be Prepared, to being mass murderers??

Having seen every episode of the show thus far and participated in the second episode, I can’t help but wonder if you and I were watching the same show. Did you miss the whole segment in which a woman and her husband reach out to their community to teach physical self-defense through a rape prevention course?

Are you under the impression that cases of rape only take place in an apocalyptic scenario?

Do you seriously have a problem with people who actually practice the proper use of their firearms so that they can use them safely or is it that you really just have a problem that they practice more often than most law enforcement do?

Are you new to journalism or were you just living in a cubicle the last several years and missed some of the more renowned instances in which the selfless act of everyday citizens who practiced accurately shooting their firearms were able to stop the Trolley Square Massacre in Salt Lake City and the shooting at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs?

Is the search engine feature on your computer malfunctioning to the point that it was impossible for you to do even the slightest bit of research on your article before you put it out there as a representation of fact or are you really just a petty teenage boy who’s simply posing as an adult journalist?

I ask these questions because, you’ve accused some very good and honorable people of having no regard for human life; people such as Dennis Evers, a former police chief who risked his life to save others for decades, Jason Charles a NYC firefighter who was one of the first responders on 9/11, Martin Coville, also a retired police officer (whose wife is battling a steep uphill fight with cancer), or Kellene Bishop, the woman who teaches other women how to fight back in the event of a sexual assault—even though she suffers from excruciating pain of fibromyalgia AND who’s worked full-time for the last three years without pay just to educate others on embracing a more self-reliant lifestyle?!

To go so far as to state that these persons have no respect for the life of their fellowmen is asinine at best, and frankly paints you as nothing more than a “Jerry Springer wanna be” in an attempt to besmirch these honorable Americans and stir up a mocking hatred against them.

They want a free pass to start shooting? Well, Glenzinger, guess what? These Americans, for whom you hold such contempt, already have the freedom to defend themselves from short-sighted individuals like yourself who think it’s OK to take no responsibility for themselves other than to make a mental note of where these “Doomsday Preppers” live so that they can find them, and steal from them, if things ever go south. Ironically, the only individual you give any nod to is the numbskull who shows over 4.3 million people what she’s got stashed away in her New England home and then announces to the same audience that she doesn’t believe in guns or defending herself–that her only plan is to meet with gun owners who survive a crisis and “compare notes.” Hmmm.  Notes or bullets…let me think here. Which might fair better? It’s interesting to note that you chose this woman’s segment to give your reserved approval to when hers is the ONLY segment which talked graphically about violence against others such as “slitting a person’s throat in their sleep.”

While I’ll admit that there have been a few characters on this show that I will not be inviting to my home for dinner any time soon, when I compare even the most colorful of those prepper personalities that were featured on the show, I’d much easier trust them with my life than an imbecile who has the opportunity to see what’s going on in the world from a front-row seat everyday, and yet STILL sees fit to label these good persons as “disdainful of life and human potential” because they are willing to take necessary precautions to keep their families safe from the very things you witness going on throughout the world.  These people are investing in their futures in a much more sure manner than the gamblers on Wall Street are! And yet they are doing it without any help from Uncle Sam, bailouts, secret backroom deals, and even anonymity!  These people are actually willing to stand up and put themselves out to the rest of the world to show them what a responsible person looks like! They forsake the jet skis or an exotic vacation trip in exchange for an extra 250 gallons of water and medical supplies that can be used during the next Hurricane Katrina scenario. These people are prioritizing now so that they don’t have to steal from their neighbors later in the form of looting, violence, welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and unemployment checks.

According to author, Stephen Flynn in “The Edge of Disaster”, nearly 90% of Americans live in areas which put them at “moderate to high risk” of volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, serious flooding, wild fires or high-wind damage. Over 116 million Americans live within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant and our fuel prices have never been more volatile nor as high as they are today, and yet you take umbrage with a man who has the temerity to stabilize his buying power and ensure his safety by having a mere 50 gallons of fuel stored in fuel-safe containers so that he can “get out of dodge” fast if need be?

You claim that the preppers are the ridiculous ones to believe that there’s a distinct possibility of a financial collapse and yet you have no problem with Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or Donald Trump for possessing an “absurd excess” of money? Are their multi-million dollar security systems and security personnel in their homes and offices considered “absurd excess” as well? Is it also just downright crazy for our government to be purchasing billions of dollars of freeze-dried food and other essentials to set aside for what they believe is coming some day? So we’re to understand that you think it’s OK for the wealthy and “powerful” to own millions of dollars of shares in the electric and fuel industry and yet preppers are “frighteningly extensive” to have batteries and fuel stored aside “just in case”, and crazy to actually practice the safe use of our affordable systems of security?! I suppose that my taking pleasure in the fact that I purchase my groceries based on the same principles used by a Wall Street Broker to manage his stock portfolio is somehow “dubious?” So, oh wise one, would you care to enlighten us as to how the massive amounts of money of the wealthy, along with their own extensive security measures, will benefit you or themselves should our economy crash, or a powerful solar flare destroys the power grid of the electric company stocks they own, or an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line destroys all transportation of the other goods in which they’ve invested as indicated by some flimsy pieces of paper they may own that will not even give them a warm fire through a single night?

Oh, and for the record, the majority of these Doomsday Preppers that I know do put their faith in God, not guns, and much more so than some hollow lip service that says “I believe” on one hand but then does nothing actionable to actually prove such faith. These men and women you mock have put themselves out there and subjected themselves to the ridicule that they knew would surely come from people like yourself and they did it because of that faith in God—faith that He could someone use this whole experience for His good to reach out to others and encourage them to be willing to stand up and be accountable for their own success, safety, and well-being. These people you snarl at with your catty humor are driven primarily because of their willingness to be real parents to their children instead of the runaway parent that we see abandoning their children to others in favor of addictions or selfishness. These Preppers are actually heeding the Biblical counsel of being prepared for the tough times that are surely to come which they believe will ultimately lead up to an end. Are they preparing for the end? Actually, no. That’s pointless.  But a show entitled “Everyday Preppers” probably wouldn’t attract many viewers either, now would it?

I could care less that some backyard writer earns his living taking 3rd grade pot shots at me for having extra food, water, medical supplies, firewood, guns, ammo, and a bag I can grab on my way out the door in case of a fire or some other emergency, but I take exception to such a disingenuous act of proclaiming that these preppers have some blood-thirsty desire to kill their fellowmen! Do you criticize people for having a safe room in their home or for locking their doors at night? Is it considered “excessive” in your mind for a college co-ed to carry pepper spray when she’s out alone on campus at night? I suppose that if it was you’re world we would all get rid of the emergency brakes on our cars as well as hazard lights too? Perhaps we should all stop paying for health, auto, or homeowners insurance as well, after all, isn’t it a little ridiculous to spend money on things that only MIGHT be helpful in the future?

If Rush Limbaugh must apologize for his recent name calling, an expression of his opinion, then certainly you should be held to the same standard for portraying these good men and women as pre-meditated Machiavellian murderers. I mean seriously, how in the world did you convince yourself that these Preppers merited such an attack? Was it just the old cliché of trying to sell more papers?

Using your own ironic ending of your article I close with saying–Hmmm…Apparently when you wrote this article you decided that your true designs of “inspiring all of your readers to drink the Kool-aid and believe that the government, state, or city leaders will ‘save us’ if there’s ever a crisis and pray that we all just forget about our own personal responsibility” was deemed to not have quite the same effective ring to it.

Kellene Bishop

The Preparedness Pro

Orem, Utah

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