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Common Courtesy is No Longer Common


I’ll admit it.  When I fly, I usually fly first-class due to the fact that I’m a bit claustrophobic.  Sitting in the small seats towards the back gives me a great deal of anxiety, to the point that when I fly, I’m willing to choke up the first class fare.  First class round trip with Delta Airlines is usually around $1500.  I have come to enjoy the perks of actually getting smiles from the flight attendants, complimentary entertainment, padding in the roomy seat from top to bottom, a little beverage prior to leaving, a hot towel to clean my hands with, and access to a restroom close by.  Having endometriosis and problems arising from such a case, sometimes makes that restroom a lifesaver.  


By contrast, regular fare is about $500 nowadays.  The seats are crowded both side to side and front to back which is even further emphasized when you are 20 to 30 pounds overweight.  I can feel the metal through the seat “cushions” grating on my back and buttocks for the entire flight.  The flight attendants are noticeably less attentive—sorry, but I’ve found that to be the case on countless occasions.  There are almost always loud and rowdy children in the regular fare seats (Yes, I DO love children, just not ornery ones who are seemingly ignored by their parents throughout an entire 4 hour flight).  And there are 2 bathrooms being shared by hundreds rather than a small handful in first class.


So today when I read on the news that a man on a Delta flight was arrested, put into handcuffs and spent 2 days in jail for his anxious response to a bathroom emergency on an international flight, I was absolutely disgusted. 


delta-joao-correa1Apparently,  of Concord, OH really had to go.  But when his pathway was blocked by a beverage cart, he requested to use the business class restroom.  He was refused. I find this completely ridiculous on so many counts. 


1) I have seen regular fare customers frequently use the first-class restrooms without so much as a cross look from a flight attendant.  Delta does not practice any semblance of consistency in enforcing this ludicrous FAA regulation.


2) It seems apparent that the flight attendant would rather the man degrade himself and put passengers at risk by having a urination accident in his pants, than move the blasted beverage cart or allow him to use the business class restroom.  I mean really, just how clean and safe would YOU feel knowing that a man just peed uncontrollably (or worse) on the floor near you on the airplane?   Talk about a bio-hazard!  The man was clearly desperate to use the bathroom for Pete’s sake!  Do they teach these flight attendants to be inhumane before allowing them to work an international flight? 


3) With so many individuals out of work at present, you would think that any company would have the pick of the litter in selecting conscientious and courteous individuals.  This flight attendant represents Delta and the business culture perpetuated by Delta.  


4) Apparently the man’s request to use the business class restroom on an international flight was against FAA regulations.  For one, I firmly believe that most flight attendants are just as ignorant of real FAA regulations as most of the local police departments are of U.S. Constitution law.  So having a flight attendant taking a stand based on a supposed FAA regulation is hard to swallow.  (See http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=94191 and http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=56544 for more evidence that police just don’t know the law.)  And besides, are you kidding me?  The government now gets to tell people where they can pee???  And hey, we even get to pay for such ridiculous rules!  I suppose they’re going to try and tell us it’s for our safety.  That’s right.  Keeping bad guys from the business class section of the plane will certainly save lives.  Or perhaps they were trying to provide some in-flight entertainment for the rest of the passengers as they watched a 43 year-old man be degraded by having to ask to use the potty like a 1st grader.


Personally, when I spend so much money to ride in a more expensive class, I’d like to presume that such a premium price gives me access to a bathroom when I need one.  Then again, I’d like to think that the toilet seat would actually be bigger than a Frisbee as well (One can dream, can’t they?).  However, I would NEVER deny someone else from using that same bathroom in an emergency simply because I spent more for my ticket than he did.  After all, while I may be a “first class passenger” that doesn’t negate me from being a human being.  


To see the complete article go to http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30108454/

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The recent drop of Wal-Mart stock proves that you just can’t entice people enough to put up with your shenanigans, even if you’re big box Wal-Mart.  If Wal-Mart couldn’t win out over the Christmas holiday with everyone’s pocketbooks strapped, then you have to see that there’s a problem far worse than pricing at this big boxed embarrassment. 


The worst thing the big box chain, or any business for that matter, can do is to be oblivious for the reasons behind the drop. Wal-Mart blames their 8% drop in stock value on “inclement weather, poor international numbers, and higher expenses.”  Have they not read the astronomical customer complaints that their stores are receiving in record numbers nowadays? 


 “100% Disabled War Veteran was required to unload his disability cart and reload his purchases into a regular cart in order to take the items out of the store.”


“Customer slipped on water. Customer was scolded by the store manager for not being more careful.”


“Customer returned item due to its malfunction. Item was a replacement for previous malfunctioning item.  Wal-Mart employee questioned the customer out loud, in front of large group of customers, as to the proper use of the item.  The item?  Bed sheets which were missing the elastic around the edges so that they could be put on the bed.


“Customer was called a “liar” by a Wal-Mart employee upon returning 30 minutes later with a bottle of Biotin due to the seal under the lid being broken.  Customer had to drive over 20 minutes just to exchange a $7 item and be called a liar in front of other customer service guests.”


“Customer Service” at Wal-Mart has now been deemed broadly on the internet as Customer Torture.  In my opinion, sales at Wal-Mart should have dropped more dramatically, but you had so many Wal-Mart customers who didn’t want to fight with the CS reps with a return or exchange so they just ate the money lost and went to Target to buy it instead.


There is a very good reason why Wal-Mart is now a verb, intended to mean a step down from quality ie: “We didn’t have the money to replace it, so we just “wallied” it for now.”


The ineptness runs uphill as well.  Tens of thousands of customer complaints can be found on numerous websites including government business sites, and regularly include the accomplice of an incompetent manager or assistant manager.  It’s bad enough that these stores bring such strife to the communities, leave behind big empty boxes, and train the consumer to accept the minimum in quality and customer abuse.  But there seems to be absolutely NO respite when these valid problems arise either.  It just adds insult to injury.  Guess it’s high time for the stock prices to wake them up as well.  May they continue to fall in accordance to their level of service… after the everyday customers get their money out of the stock, of course.   


May Target and other big box stores take their cues from the Wallie Catastrophe and ensure that they do not end up on the same path.  If you do, I assure you that you will be dealing with many more smiling customers instead of snarling ones—which by the way makes your employment to your community much more attractive as well.  

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.
You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.  

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