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Christmas is supposed to be a heightened time of giving.  Yet for many of us it ends up being a stressful time for spending money, going into debt, family quarrels, and all of the other less than intended results.


Let’s face it. When you get an e-mail from a business or a “holiday card” it’s usually an attempt to solicit more business from you.  It may come in the form of “an unbelievable, time-sensitive discount” or an “end of the year blowout” etc.  Makes you think that the only person who’s talking about a gift, is the business owner who’s trying to contrive one for themselves. 


When we give gifts to friends and family, often the human part of us is plagued by giving in order to positively affect the way someone will think about us, or appreciate us.  Even the best of hearts try not to give in order to get thanks, but it happens whether we intend for it or not.


It’s rare that we’re able to give in an unadulterated fashion, getting no thanks and no recognition.  So I thought I’d share a couple of ideas with you to really have some fun giving and doing it in the right way.


salvation-army11) Infiltrate a Salvation Army Store (or other such store).  Load up on a stack of cash, whether it’s ones, fives, etc, and go where the needy go.  Just start handing one out to each person, even the employees (Keep in mind if the person works there, they are likely struggling too).  If you can do it in a traditional Christmas suit for better anonymity, the better.  The key is to give, and to give anonymously.  You’ll have a better feeling about the whole thing if you do not tell a SOUL that you did it.


2) Drive-Thru Dizzy:  When you go through a drive thru for your next meal, tell the cashier that you’re also paying for the person behind you.  It’s hilarious to think of that person pulling in behind you only to hear the cashier tell them that the stranger in front of them paid for their meal that day.  This also works great at a manual toll booth.  drive-through


3) Drop and Dash:  You probably know what that is.  You get a gift; leave it on the doorstep; knock; and RUN.  Not the most original thought in the world, I agree, but I just LOVE doing this…especially this time of year (It’s even better if you have a night set of binoculars so you can see the expression on your face when they open their doors…of course you’ll be panting hard and perhaps fogging up the lenses).  If it’s a gift card to a grocery store, or a grocery/superstore all in one, it’s an even better gift because it may actually help people to meet their perceived needs of affording gifts for their children/family.  So be sure to do it BEFORE Christmas.


santa-claus4) Investing in a Santa suit is great for being able to do a lot of acts of giving anonymously.  And it seems to incorporate a special Christmas magic in yourself too.  Santa seems to be magical to everyone, even those who are too old to still believe.  As Santa (or Mrs. Clause, or a Christmas Elf, or a Christmas Fairy) you can make people’s lives brighter merely by going into a store and greeting everyone.  Tiny candy canes are great to have on hand as well.


All of these ideas are about really giving of yourself while making it virtually impossible to do so with any alternative motives in mind and heart.  These actions will ultimately give you one of the best Christmas’s ever!

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.
You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.  

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