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A Double Whammy!
As an American, I feel that it is absolutely irresponsible to not understand how money really works in this nation.  A full comprehension of this topic will actually instill a more prudent behavior in our own financial habits – at least that’s my belief. Such a behavior will lead to less anxiety, stress, and chaos in our lives.
For starters, those of you who would mistakenly pipe up that the Canadian dollar is now worth the same as a U.S. dollar as a result of our deficit; you are missing a large chunk of the rest of the story. The fact is our dollar is devalued because there is an abundance of U.S. currency in circulation.  The value of the dollar is directly related to supply and demand.  For instance, remember when cell phones were first sold in our nation, the prices were prohibitive for many. However, now that they are more abundant and commonplace, the prices have lowered to as little as “free” in many instances. 

 It used to be that the Federal Reserve published a report which contained an M3 number. This figure would convey to the public just how much money was actually in circulation.  Mysteriously, the Federal Reserve has elected to no longer provide the public with that figure. Thus their printing presses can continue to roll out currency as they see fit, watering down the value of our dollar.  Our foreign nations who trade heavily with us are not imbecilic economists.  Clearly the only reason to NOT provide such a number is to hide the true value of our currency.   And as such, international trading with us has been subdued.
This is Economics 101…(although not likely to be taught as such.) Suppose I was investing in fine art. Wouldn’t it be reasonable for me to know just how many pieces an artist created?  Of course. As it would determine the value of any art I purchased by this artist.  So why would anyone invest in a commodity who’s true value cannot be rightly determined?
Be aware that the Federal Reserve is a nation unto itself.  It is NOT part of the U.S. Government.  Sure the Federal Reserve Chairman is appointed by the U.S. president, but are you certain that whom he appoints is of his own choosing?  You keep spouting how we need to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil; how about eliminating our dependence on the foreign nation that rules our currency?  All of the U.S. Presidents who have attempted to stand up to and eliminate this cartel dependence have met with serious demise.  (Kennedy, Reagan for example.)
If our nation’s currency can simply be printed up in accordance to the Feds whims, with no checks and balances, then the value of the dollar is questionable.  Thus in my mind it behooves us to incur as little debt as possible so that we remove ourselves from this shell game as much as possible.
Why is our budget deficit $407 billion dollars? Because those that play with the money only see it as Monopoly money.  They figure they can simply print more.  “Let’s just call the Federal Reserve and ask them to loan us more money.”  Where does this money come from? A check? Where is the money that backs up the check?  It’s not money, it’s a printing press.  Unfortunately, it’s REAL hours we work for every year through the month of May to pay for our nation’s REAL debt.  That debt is paid for by the sweat of our brows.  Our federal income taxes do not go for road improvements, social security, or Medicaid. It all goes to pay the INTEREST on the debt that our nation’s “leaders” have imposed upon us.  I have no offense in paying for the services that I require.  But unfortunately I’m not receiving the benefit of those services.  I cannot count on Social Security when I need to retire, neither can 80+% of all retirement-aged Americans.  I could go on and on here with the façade of services we’ve been led to believe our tax dollars pay for, but the bottom line is we’ve had very little say in what our tax dollars pay buy, or how they enslave us.   Now that’s what I call “taxation without representation.”  And not only are we being arduously taxed, but those dollars with which we pay our taxes are being destabilized dramatically.  A Double Whammy!

So here’s my solution, as a patriotic American I say let’s be proud to be American and let’s take advantage of the freedoms that we still have in this country.  This doesn’t mean we have to like what they do with our financial matters, but fortunately they don’t have ultimate control. This nation was built on the backs of visionary entrepreneurs and it’s future lies in the hands of those same visionary, determined hearts.  I feel like so many of us get so tired keeping up with our business and keeping our heads above water that we forget that we are very powerful in determining our outcome.  So learn what game you’re really playing in, and learn how to leverage your entrepreneurial inclinations to maximize your prosperity so you don’t need their credit.
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Unfortunately, there are many of you reading this who can completely relate to this content. I say “unfortunately”, not because of a predisposed judgment on single moms, but only because I would certainly wish for a complete, whole, and happy life for all of our readers. But the fact is, single motherhood abounds in our nation. My mother raised the 5 of us single-handedly for much of our lives—sometimes even when she was married to one of her 5 husbands. And thus it is one of my goals to make a significant impact in the lives of single mothers nationwide with the knowledge and technology that is now available for women working from home. Let’s face it. It’s hard enough raising your children alone. But attempting to make a positive influence in their lives with only a couple hours of exposure each day is clearly not for the feint of heart. Add financial strains of all kinds, contentious interactions with a family, and a lack of time to rejuvenate your own sanity, this working Mom stuff is the job of a saint! (Ok, I admit that it doesn’t look very saintly right now, but don’t worry, history has a way of clearing away some of the bad moments and teaching your children in their later years that you were right on so many levels. *wink* ) Ok. You already know how tough your job is, right? Well, allow me to share with you how it can get much easier; thanks to the availability of real marketing knowledge and modern technology, women no longer have to choose between expensive day care, leaving their children for the majority of the day in the hands of teachers and strangers, deciding between health insurance or positive extracurricular activities, and so many other choices that are painful for any mother to make who truly cares for her children. Surely you never dreamed of growing up someday and ending up handling all that life dishes out on your own. With the right knowledge, you no longer have to make that choice.

My favorite sister in the whole wide world had two little girls to care for, all by herself. Meanwhile, she was also battling an abusive husband in the court system as well to retain custody of one of them. The last thing she wanted to do was to relinquish her girls to anything other than her nurturing, love, and values. At this time, I was earning a very good income working in the wholesale portion of the residential industry. My sister was a sharp cookie, and I was convinced that if I could train her properly, she could do what I did, which did not require me to leave the house for hours on end. Essentially, I did a lot of work from my home, my computer, and my phone. Bless my sister’s heart. She faithfully and patiently studied with me for several hours a day for a week—long distance via telephone and computer— to learn the mortgage business inside and out. And as a result she landed a job as a wholesale account executive where she could still be at the crossroads of her daughter’s lives. Sure she had to work hard learning the information. Sure she had to venture where she never had before. But she made it and her girls have grown up amazingly well-balanced and wonderful!

My point is, you have a wealth of knowledge right now. Yes, WEALTH. You simply need to connect with individuals who can assist you in leveraging that knowledge.
There’s a popular story known as Acres of Diamonds. I find especially when I consult with single mom’s that they have this belief that they have very little to offer the world from home that anyone would pay for, let alone enough to support their family. And yet you do not have to look far to see evidence that that simply is not the case. What about the famous stay-at-home blogger who now makes more money blogging from home than she did at a high-paying IT job? Or what about Stephanie Meyer who writes national best-selling books from the comfort of her home? What about successful home sales specialists who provide fellowship in addition to quality products from companies such as Reliv, Pampered Chef, or Mary Kay? I personally have dozens of friends who are SUCCESSFUL women working in this aspect of business. We’re not talking about stuffing envelopes or making cold calls, here. You have numerous examples of fulfilling roles and prestigious women leaders. (In fact, you can hear from 4 of them at the upcoming Ultimate Success Gala on November 13-15 in Salt Lake City! Carolyn Kepcher, Susan Adams, Chin-Ning Chu, and Sydney Biddle Barrows will rock your world with their examples of a realistic and achievable strength and power!)

This advice isn’t simply for working moms. It’s applicable for individuals who are working hard at numerous jobs and still not making ends meet, or for the married mom who feels compelled to leave home to help bring in income for the family. You no longer have to make that painful choice. YOU CAN LEARN TO LEVERAGE YOUR EXISTING KNOWLEDGE and earn a living which actually sustains you—while you work from home. All you need to do is learn how to leverage the information you’ve been given through your education, life’s experiences, or your hobbies. Whether you want to work in the mortgage industry, scrapbooking, network marketing, cooking, or belly dancing, it doesn’t matter. The tools are available for you NOW. I know this because I live by this rule and am able to support the livelihood of all of my employees as well by implementing these real and applicable strategies. I just wish my mother could have seen it in her lifetime. It’s available in yours. So take advantage of it!

I will do my part. I will gladly provide you with access to my knowledge and expertise with the same fervor that I did my sister so many years ago, so that I can repay my wonderful single mother for all that she did for us kids and also for all of the other single moms out there who struggle so hard to make ends meet.

Single Moms, I salute you!

If you would like access to your exclusive, expert training in the three most important components of success— Money, Mind Marketing, register today for a free trial membership at http://www.moneymindmarketing.com/ You and your family have everything to gain!

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I get asked frequently how I could be a residential wholesale account executive only 5 or 6 years ago, and now be known (among other things) as an expert in the world of ultra-high commercial transactions. I have two answers for that.

1) Marketing: Marketing can launch anyone from point A to point Z if it’s done properly. Marketing can put any career into hyper speed. If I wanted to become a world renowned expert in ice sculpting, I could do so with the right marketing in a fraction of the time that most individuals do. Think about it. The effects of marketing are exactly how individuals can have 15 minutes of fame and then turn it into a lifetime career change. If I am a true expert at anything it’s marketing. Everything you do, you’ve got to make it about the marketing. It doesn’t matter how well you perform brain surgery, or have the best singing voice known to man, or be the best dog trainer if you don’t know how to market yourself. You can have an average product, an average staff, an average personality, and so-so prices. But if you market yourself properly, you can still be successful- and even increase your prices! Go ahead, get your business license, your professional training, and whatever else you need to legally pursue your business dreams. But if you want to be profitable, you’ve got to learn to market.

2) Self-Promotion: Self-promotion isn’t about vanity or selfishness. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and being willing to own and claim that comfort. Think about it. There’s no one that didn’t raise you that feels compelled to compliment you and praise you, and cheer you on consistently. And at some point life takes those individuals on to their next phase. So then what do you do? Who’s waiting in the wings to dub you as a fine human being, or a successful expert, or the best of the best? Sorry. There’s no such thing as a Tooth Fairy and there’s no such thing as a “Great Maharaja” who’s waiting to crown you as an expert! Life was not intended that way. (See my future blog titled “What I learned from Justin Timberlake.” Coming soon!) You are NOT the sum of your fans or your enemies. You are the only one who can stop you from being all that you were designed to be. And I assure you that there is no one who is not designed for indescribable greatness. Walt Disney was once heard to say, “The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.” Did you know that Muhammad Ali became known as “The Greatest” because Ali himself said it? Yep — he just kept saying it, and then eventually so did the media!
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