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Joe the Plumber vs. Rick Sanchez—the talking head of CNN.  And the winner is…Joe Wurzelbacher.  On the other hand,  at the risk of sounding like the amateur mass media, Rick Sanchez  is this year’s entrepreneurial putz.


In his November 4th interview with the newly famous Joe the Plumber, Rick Sanchez appeared to be as knowledgeable of the abilities of entrepreneurs as the Mr. Clean knows hair care.


Mr. Sanchez’s mindless questions of Joe the Plumber demonstrated that he had clearly NOT done his research of this nation’s entrepreneurs.  He joined the mass of misperception when he underestimated entrepreneurs all over the world as indicated by empty-headed questions to Joe Wurzelbacher.  Sanchez’s ignorance was manifested on at least 3 separate lines of questioning.


1) “Why would you be so upset about people who clear more than $250,000 a year—having to pay taxes, when you’re nowhere near that category?” 


One does not need to live in a leper colony to have sympathy for their plight.  Wurzelbacher made it clear repeatedly that he objected to the principle of the wealthier paying more taxes simply because they had more of it.  Like most entrepreneurs,


2) “…you are not in a situation where you’re going to be able to make that money any time soon.”



Who is this talking bobble head to dish out the socially acceptable level and speed of any person’s achievement or fulfillment in this life?  (business owner or not)


The fact of the matter is, every entrepreneur is very near making $250,000.  Many have succeeded in making multiple times that in one day.  Some are content to choose to earn less, and some push themselves to earn more.  There’s no mandate that it must take decades, years or months to earn this kind of income. No initials after your name are required. No special gene pool.  It’s not a secret and it’s accessible to any literate human being in our nation.  It requires applied knowledge, a restlessness with the status quo, and a combination of passion and commitment.   


3) “You’re nowhere near being able to buy a business that clears more than $250,000 a year because that would take millions and millions of dollars, right?”


Another mistaken assumption.  It does not take millions of dollars to clear $250,000.  In fact, there are many well known business owners who have brought in significantly more than that for significantly less.  Entrepreneurs of all kinds know how to create huge profit margins.  Paul Hartunian, for example, paid $500 for the discarded wood of the Brooklyn Bridge walkway to be delivered to his home.  He then cut the wood up in tiny little square pieces, wrote a killer press release, and made millions of dollars actually selling the Brooklyn Bridge to people all over the world.  To this day he is STILL getting free press about this and subsequent feats of similar style. 


Credible information marketers such as Dan Kennedy, Lee Milteer, Michael Cheney, Rich Shefren, Matt Bacak, Shawn Casey, Tellman Knudsen, Jeff Walker, Bill Glazer, Andrew Fox, and countless others regularly clear 7 figures within a matter of days in exchange for a weeks worth of writing and sharing their expertise—and do so repeatedly!   Write, launch, reap, repeat.


Here’s the ultimate problem with Sanchez’s skewed vision of the world of capitalism.  He’s forgotten about freedom combined with human potential.  For every story of failure, there’s an enduring story of success in even greater proportions.  In my opinion, there are equal amounts of ways to succeed as there are to stumble. 


One of my clients recently earned over $500,000 on one transaction.  Granted, he had to make his way through whole lot of “suspect clients” in the last 9 months to get access to the real deal, but he did so.  And now that he’s accomplished this, no Rick Sanchez of the world can ever convince him that his ideas of success are impossible. 


One significant success will breed a confident, unshakable entrepreneur.


My hope is that one day entrepreneurs will be viewed as the standard of success, genuine security, and credibility.  In my opinion, they certainly deserve the respect, sincere assistance and accolades more than Wall Street, Big Corporate America, or the sacrosanct banking institutions do.


Here’s my challenge to all entrepreneurs—and a special invitation to Joe.  Register as a Primary Member of 3M Mastermind—FREE.  No strings attached.  No charging your credit card later when you’ve forgotten all about it.  Get real information so that you too can prove the mindless naysayers wrong about the strength and necessity of business owners.   Simply go to http://www.3MMastermind.com


Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of every economy in the world.

They are the fire behind invention.

They are the seeds of security.


Because of this unconquerable belief, Monetary Intelligence has paid enormous sums of money, put in countless hours with an army of researchers—and  most of all their heart and commitment—to give today’s entrepreneurs the helping hand up they need.  We’ve investigated a mountain of the “success systems” of gurus, experts, doctors, etc from all over the world. We’ve spent the last year implementing their theories and creating some of our own as a result. 


Whether you’re in business or hoping to be, MI has created a training division, 3M Mastermind, to deliver substance to today’s frazzled business owners in the form of monthly live webinars and so much more. 


We’ll prove to you your abilities now, for your market today.


Come off of the observation deck and take the wheel!  Get access to your original content, exclusive training system for FREE right now!  Go to www.3MMastermind to begin your journey with a partner who truly cares, and is willing to prove it.  We’ve already invested in you. Your future success awaits.


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I admit that I’m not the most objective person to determine whether or not I truly am “normal.” In fact, I’m not sure that “normal” really exists out there anymore. Regardless, I’ve decided to share some of my closet hang-ups and let you decide.  Will the feedback convey an accurate assessment?  Probably not.  I’m sure that my writings don’t necessarily attract “normal” individuals either.


Confession #1– I’m a judgmental driver.  Everyone who passes me is an “idiot” and everyone who goes too slow is a “moron.”  I caught myself mumbling these exact two accusations within 30 minutes of each other on my way home the other day.  No wonder the confidence of mankind has dwindled lately.  They’ve got unrealistic expectations thrust upon them by drivers like me.


Confession #2– I think people are attractive until I see them chomping gum  Seriously.  I watched an absolutely beautiful woman in line at the grocery store the other day transform herself from a Perfect 10 to a Negative 2 because she was chomping her gum like a cow munching on his cud. I don’t care how beautiful you are. Even if I was a dentist I would have no desire to see what you’re chewing in there!  


I also loathe the snapping sound that folks make with their gum…especially when I can hear it all the way across the store- or worse, church.  I’ve turned people away from a job interview simply because of the gum chewing (and I confess that I strongly encouraged an assistant to quit once I discovered that they constantly chewed with their mouth open.  Do I really want to lose a business relationship that affects my entire staff all because someone can’t keep their lips together while enjoying a business lunch with one of my clients?  You really don’t want to turn someone’s stomach when you’re attempting to wheel and deal, right? 


Confession #3- I firmly believe that the civility of our society has plunged dramatically because of the common courtesies/decencies that many parents have failed to teach their children.  And our entire nation is suffering as a result.  People spend more money when you’re being nice to them.  People pass on smiles when they get them.  Instead we spend our Saturday errands going from place to place attempting to get over the last painful business encounter we just had at the last place. 


Did this training get left up to Dear Abby somewhere? 


A couple of Christmas’s ago a much younger sibling of mine was having a really hard time financially.  Being plagued with a boundless Christmas Spirit I decided to play Santa that year.  Even though I was raised by strict parents who firmly required us to be polite, be mindful of others around us, and to exert impeccable table manners at the risk of death, this particular sibling must have worn them down by the time she came along. Because after all of the gifts were handed out, there was not a single “thank you” from the sibling or any of her 5 children, and in fact, my husband and I were greeted with an annoying wail that that’s all there was!


Oh, and if you really want me at your bridal shower or your wedding, you’ll give me more than 48 hours notice.  And when I do give you a gift, you’ll darn well send a thank you note! (I bet getting in the business of selling thank you cards is about as profitable as Lehman is right about now.)


Ok.  I’m done with my rantings and ravings.  I’ve finally let down my professional demeanor and expose to all of you the inner seethings.  Either you’ll admit you share some similar feelings, or you may inform me that your confession is that you loathe reading confessions.

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Riding on the coattails of a movie from the 80’s, Sleeping with the Enemy, I thought I would address a prevalent message I’ve been hearing in my conversations with clients, associates, and friends. It seems that many are indeed sleeping with the enemy. Who is the enemy?

“The enemy of Best is Good.”

This past week I watched a friend accept a job that paid her $10 less per hour than she was previously making simply because she convinced herself that she didn’t merit any better. Recently, I also witnessed a client of mine “settle” in taking on a client that clearly did not fit his criteria. He knew early on in the relationship that this client was a “problem child” and indeed he was. To make a long story short, the client was nothing that he portrayed himself to be, he had a reputation of being a serious challenge, and my client is now looking at having to proceed with legal means in order to get paid monies due him.

Here’s one more example that I feel is fitting. I was recently shopping in a “warehouse” kind of store. I was passing one of those irresistible “sample tables” in which two older women were making scrumptious looking mini sandwiches as well as a fancy deli-style cracker. It appeared much more significant that most “sample” booths I had seen previously. So I cheerfully commented to the women, “Wow. It looks like you’re having a party here ladies.” One of the women promptly replied in a lack luster tone, “It’s anything but a party.” As I walked away I heard one woman say, in a voice similar to my 4-year-old nephew when he needs a nap, “When I run out of these crackers, can we just do the sandwiches?” I immediately wondered what it was that these women conveyed in their job interviews to make the hiring manager feel that they were the best for the positions they currently filled?

Perhaps all of these decisions which were made at some point seemed “good” at the time, however, I suspect that if one thought that they personally or their own business merited the Best scenario, client, job, employee, etc—then the detracting decision would not have been made.

It’s a simple Law of Physics. No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. If you’ve only made room for good, then there is no room for best. And thus you may find your life so filled with mediocrity that you’ve left no room for anything better.

The Law of Gravity tends to pull things downward. It’s a much shorter distance between Good and Awful than it is between Best and such lower levels of life. I’d much rather start at Best and then, when the inevitable gravitational pull affects my life, I’m more likely to arrive at the level of Challenging rather than feeling overwhelmed.

When compared side by side, Good appears drastically different and inferior to Best. I perceive that many individuals simply fail to make such a comparison either as a result of a lack of awareness of the consequences, or due to a belief that their world deserves the influence of Best. I assure you that we all merit and were intended for the Best. And as we continue to require such circumstances in our lives, the Best keeps getting better.

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Many who “have arrived” have wisely said, “If it was easy to do, everyone would be doing it.” This applies to many aspects of our life, but particularly to success. I frankly wonder why more people don’t choose to live their life with the ultimate of success and just do what it takes to accomplish that? Why is the majority of the wealth in the world held by a mere 1%, and in our nation by 3%? Surely these numbers are not indicative of the self-esteem or intelligence level of our nation and our globe, are they?

As my husband channel surfs, I catch a glimpse, of those so-called reality shows and see how some folks ostensibly behave, even when the cameras are on them. Or I read the newspaper headlines or TV News sites and see how others sadly choose to live out their life. Then there’s the countless court dockets filled with evidence of the poor choices of many. And lastly, where individuals seem to perform their darkest is on the websites which encourage anonymous cowards to post whatever comments they see fit in the moment, without accountability for truth or identity. Ahh…with all of this, I finally get it. It’s all about choice. While it’s a sad commentary, it seems to indicate that only a small percentage of humankind actually chooses to be great, significant, or to lead meaningful lives. Perhaps they don’t realize the power of the choices they hold.

Some time ago, I had a student in one of my 4 day courses. He was clearly an intelligent person, but anything except appropriately social. In fact, it was the first time I ever had individuals in my class ask me NOT to make them sit by someone—him. When I asked why they felt this way, the individuals complained about how negative he was. Apparently he had spent well over the last year of his life with no job, living at home with his parents, doing nothing but “getting back at a large mortgage company” in a law suit. I believe that ultimately he was victorious in the suit, but he was clearly left unfulfilled with no substance in his life. To this day he is chasing after yet another “legal rabbit” and spends time posting his view of others on the web, spreading filth and ire to all who will listen and still has done nothing to make choices of how best to use his intelligence that will benefit others.

There are many sad examples of such wasted lives marked by a path of poor choices. I have come to realize that being successful is mostly about choice and the belief that your life merits such fulfillment. Why do so few achieve this lofty path? Perhaps it’s because they feel that it is removed from them by some imaginary cultural divide, when in fact, it’s only out of reach until they make the choices to journey there.


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Here’s a secret, even the most successful business owners get help with their business. Who mentors you on your business? Me? I go to the very best. Sometimes I do it live and in person, sometimes I only have the time to access to their books. Sometimes I have the luxury of speaking to them directly. But I believe this blog today will help you see the just how close success really is, even to your world and your heap of challenges.

Lee Milteer is the world renowned Millionaire Smarts® Coach. She’s also a personal friend. She’s literally helped shape my business. (photo on this site) While Lee may appear to be smart, drop-dead gorgeous, and that success come simply to her, she has suffered numerous bona fide tragedies in her life that some would cower to even think about. You’ll still hear her Southern “Caint” come out of her mouth frequently, and if she elects to share with you any of her personal life, you’ll hear that she is targeted perhaps that much more because of her fame. And yet she has had her books published worldwide in multiple languages, coached some of the biggest corporations in the world, and continues on…and still continues having struggles just like everyone else. (http://www.leemilteer.com/ )

Dan Kennedy has assisted in creating more millionaires than any research has revealed. He is THE marketing guru, but in such high demand, he’s completely booked at over $12,000 for a few hours of consulting at a great deal of inconvenience to his prospective clients until he retires. Dan was earning 6 figures through his marketing expertise in the seventies. The 70’s folks! That is a lot of money now and it sure was a lot of money then. He was charging $35,000 a year for his coaching services way back then and yet many folks balk at that now. In spite of his grand successes he’s had some extremely tough times as well, including financial set-backs. He’s still managed to conquer alcoholism, diabetes, and in my opinion, the ultimate victory, he’s re-married his second wife, Carla. (http://www.dankennedy.com/) He’s also a vital mentor to my business. (photo on this site as well) While I would go so far as to consider him a friend, Dan has a strict “no friend” policy amongst his clients. *grin* -It’s a positioning thing and it makes for better business in his world. I will say that he is a key advisor in my business success on a regular basis.

George Ross of The Apprentice fame is obviously a keen business man. He’s had some ugly negotiations which is inevitable in the world he plays in. He’s no stranger to struggle. Did you know that more fortunes have been lost in real estate than have ever been made? He says that his biggest mistakes was trusting friends. (Ouch. That has to be a painful one to learn from on so many levels.) And he’s clearly no stranger to success. In my opinion his biggest one is that he’s been married for over 50 years to the same woman. Clearly, he’s also one of my valued mentors. (photo also on this site.) You may be surprised to hear that out of all of the favorite sayings this chief negotiator could have, it’s this, “Failure + Perseverance = Success.” Trivia note: The most common question George is asked is, “Is Omarosa as bad as she appears on T.V.?” His response, “No. She’s much worse.”

The legendary Gene Simmons is anything but a rock star to me. He’s a business man and an ultimate marketer who I watch and learn from intently. The KISS brand is worth more money than ANY other music name in history- yup, even Elvis. Did you know that Gene came to the U.S. at the age of 8. He was born in Israel. He was a straight A student. He speaks Japanese, German, Hebrew, Hungarian and believes fervently in embracing the culture he’s in, in order to ingratiate himself better to them. He doesn’t drink or smoke and he never did drugs?? He used to deliver newspapers when he started his band and was going to school. He practically worships his mother who was in a Nazi concentration camp in Germany. He’s had the same “girlfriend” for over two decades- significantly longer than many Hollywood types “marry.” His father left he and his mother while he was still very young. While I still may not agree with some of his personal choices, I do wholeheartedly agree with his business sense and learn from it zealously. (yup- got a photo of that one too.) (Of course, I have to sensor some of it to get to the business aspect, but that’s my life in the business world in general unfortunately.)

And to balance out the Gene Simmons influence, my world would not be complete without the wonderful Nido Qubein. If you don’t know, Nido is the Chairman of the Board of The Great Harvest Bread Co. AND he is also the Dean of High Point University. HPU has gone from financial ruin and horrible student statistics to being one of the most expensive, illustrious, and most competitive universities to get into nowadays. The majority of their students graduate, which means that the majority of their students continue re-enrolling as well! This man came to this country with very little English, virtually no money in his pocket and nothing but a dream. He’s a genuine story of the American Dream. He made his first million by age 30. He has a vocabulary of 3,120 words and yet most people have use of a vocabulary of 5,000 and yet he’s more successful using 70% less vocabulary than most Americans are. Look at what he’s accomplished??! And yet he even spends an average of $30,000 a year to improve his mind. What an amazing influence he has had on tens of thousands individuals both in and out of business. I just finished being mentored by him personally over the last 4 months, and I also get the benefit of countless of his CDs and several of his books. (of course I have a pic of him on this site too.)

My point is if you want to be the best, you need to learn from others who have paved the way before you. You’re not going to learn business success from animals or by watching T.V. You’ll learn from getting our hands dirty, activating your mind and genuine interaction with humans. And even though some humans that you would love to learn from seem to be untouchable because of where you think you are now, you are mistaken.

There’s a difference of only a few degrees in an airplane’s coordinates between a safe landing and a horrific crash landing, right? The opposite is true as well. There’s a difference of only a few degrees between floundering and flourishing. The difference is what we do with the trials, what knowledge we seek out and implement. Contrary to your belief, even famous people are not untouchable, perfect people. They are real people with real life stories you can relate to and learn from. They will not have done exactly what you will do, because you are unique and you have your very own path to walk. But you do not have to walk our path alone. In fact, you get to walk it with other great and courageous individuals like some that I have mentioned.

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