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I recently received a marketing book which had a blurb on the cover that warned me that the subject matter was not exactly something that one would share at church.  While it certainly was not pornographic at all, several of the marketing highlights had to do with sales tactics used by a former “Madame” in New York City.  While I appreciate a warning that something may be offensive to some persons, I take stronger offense to the term “Mature adult content” instead.  Who in the world ever decided that one’s ability to tolerate raunch, foul language, and inappropriate conversations was an act of maturity??

I looked up the definition of “mature” with my good friend, Webster, and there is nothing noted in the official definition that would denote the word “mature” as meaning “less sensitive to offensive vocabulary,” “tolerant of a broad range of views,” “apathetic to societal indecencies,” etc.  In fact, the word mature relates to “coming to a condition of full development” or “having attained a final or desired state.” 


I’m sorry, but when I hear someone ridiculously use the “F” bomb I don’t automatically think, “Oh, this person has attained their desired state.”  Instead I feel sorry for the person who clearly has no broader repertoire of vocabulary to choose from and wonder what school district they attended, etc.


When I overhear a vulgar conversation about things which I feel should be kept private or even sacred, I don’t envy the “mature” conversation that is taking place without me and I don’t find myself thinking “Wow, these adults have ‘come to a full development’.”  Instead, I cringe at the obvious lack of tact and social graces these individuals are displaying at their present state of lowness and silently pray that they wake up some day to a more worthwhile part of themselves.


I don’t see vulgar, offensive, raunchy, or questionable actions or words as a sign of maturity or intelligence–in fact quite the opposite. I see it as an indicator of one’s lack of ability to think for themselves instead of joining the dumbed-down, apathetic masses. I see a lack of intelligence.  I see a lack of beauty.  I see an erosion of society and the worth of our human race.  Ironically, one of the definitions of “mature” as noted by Webster is “belonging to the middle portion of erosion.”  Now that, I believe, is a more fitting definition that I hope to remember the next time I’m “Warned” of “mature content.”


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