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Hot off the press…I just got an abbreviated copy of the transcript from the 3M Mastermind call today which Eliza Vaile hosted.  I just wanted to post this part about perceiving a beginning in the proper perspective (with their permission of course).  I thought it was GREAT!!



Most of us, when we started our business, the very thought of even starting a business seemed like a Herculean task.  Frankly, that’s only because it hadn’t been done before for most of us.  Many of you have served as literal pioneers in what you’re bringing to the market. 


ben-franklin-21I’m sure that when Ben Franklin discovered the electrical effects of lightening, he thought it was a pretty big deal at the time as well. However, the availability of electricity is a very common assumption for most of us all over the world nowadays.  In fact, I’m so accustomed to it, that on those rare occasions when it does go off during a storm or something, I find myself thinking, oh well, I’ll just watch some TV while I wait for the power to come back on.  (Do any of you do that too?)


Anyway, while we’re not disputing the value of electricity in our lives, we do have to recognize that it wasn’t the top of the mountain, or the ultimate accomplishment, so to speak.   So much more has been done to generate power, and ease and convenience in our lives since then, right?  And we all realize that we have to learn to walk prior to running.  However, most of us mistakenly give ourselves way too long of a trial period for walking before we attempt to run. And in doing so, we limit the amazing ripple effect that could have been realized, had we pushed sooner or harder. We hesitate to participate in a bigger league or broader scope of possibilities.  What I’m teaching you here is that we need to be acceptant of larger and more successful beginnings. There’s always a beginning- But the beginning is perfectly capable of BEING GREAT!  Beginnings need not be feeble, sub-standard, or insignificant.  I worked in a print shop when I was 13, and I always came across interesting printed matter. One customer had a bumper sticker printed up just for her, and I have NEVER forgotten it, because I found it to be so profound.  “Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t after me.”  Just because someone is new doesn’t mean they can’t do a good job.  Just because we do make mistakes, doesn’t mean we’re not competent.


Michelangelo is well known for his work on the Sistine chapel… what you may not know, is it wasn’t because of his experience in painting that made this wonder of the world so magnificent!




He was from Florence, Italy.  In those days the Pope could basically just demand that you do such and such.  If you did not perform, you would be imprisoned without a second thought and for the rest of your life!


What most people do not know is that he was NOT a painter.  He was a sculpturer!  He was still required to do this task though.  So he took a mere 3 months of painting training, and he then went to work and painted the Sistine Chapel!  Isn’t it interesting that reality would suggest that those who TRAINED Michelangelo would be better suited for this task. But no. The burden was laid on Michelangelo to perform superbly.  I suppose he could have done an “OK” job.  I suppose he could have excused the absence of a perfect painting to the fact that this was after all, his first attempt.  But he was armed with this TRUTH.  There’s always a beginning. But a beginning is not an excuse, reason, or cause for a sub-standard performance.  Even though many of us are “beginning” a new path, a new career, perhaps even a new workout regime or other discipline, it need not be feeble.  It can be splendid!


Those of you who have the privilege of being parents- When you first held your brand new baby in your arms, didn’t you find yourself saying “Oh, he or she is so “Perfect”?!  This little bundle of joy is merely at the beginning of their life.  And yet most of us look at them and hold them and see just how perfectly beautiful they are.  Is not this indicative of the truth that beginnings can be fabulous?


walt-disney-world1Walt Disney first created Disneyland. It was a massive undertaking.  He was scoffed at and scorned for dreaming so big!  Millions of individuals have attended that theme park over the last 50 years? with a critical, even cynical perspective, and yet millions have been converted to it’s magic… to his belief that a beginning effort can be wonderful!  He then went on to prove that it wasn’t a fluke!  He did it again, even better with Disney World! Guess what.  Euro Disney was not so successful when it first opened.  Even as great as the other two Disney park ventures were, it didn’t mean that they all were going to be great and wildly successful.  But that doesn’t lessen the success of their beginning, right?


George Washington was the first ever General of the United States as well as the very first U.S. president! And what a fabulous job he did in both of those capacities.


Don’t get me wrong…Michelangelo, Child Birth, Walt Disney, George Washington- all of these involve a great deal of labor and challenges. But they are STILL worth it, right?.  And they can still be amazing. There’s no rule that says a beginning has to be mediocre.


There will be all of these same challenges inherent in a project that doesn’t start out so wonderful as well. 


We are all plagued with some type of malfunctions- but does that mean that we are in any way programmed for failure simply because we are new at something or “just” a small business owner?  Believing in beginnings is actually critical to your happiness and success. Because if you allow yourself to perceive otherwise then you can and WILL always blame someone or something or some circumstances in your life for you mistakes, shortcomings, etc, and then you will ALWAYS perform less than you are truly capable of.  Remember, “there are no victims, only volunteers.”


We can’t bar ourselves from doing something new because it’s imperative to our success as business owners. We’ve got to be willing to forge ahead in order to stay relevant to our customers.  We can’t afford to tell ourselves that we’re not even going to try because of fright, intimidation or some other reason, because in a lot of cases in today’s economy, we may be ignoring our only shot at playing in the game.   As Robert Ringer says, “If life’s a game, we might as well play hard to win.”  Why NOT have fun and try to win?



*********** That’s all of it that I got permission to share for now.  I strongly recommend that if you’re an entrepreneur, you register as a primary member of 3M Mastermind.  It’s free! And their monthly training webinars are excellent!  Just go to http://www.3mmastermind.com

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A Double Whammy!
As an American, I feel that it is absolutely irresponsible to not understand how money really works in this nation.  A full comprehension of this topic will actually instill a more prudent behavior in our own financial habits – at least that’s my belief. Such a behavior will lead to less anxiety, stress, and chaos in our lives.
For starters, those of you who would mistakenly pipe up that the Canadian dollar is now worth the same as a U.S. dollar as a result of our deficit; you are missing a large chunk of the rest of the story. The fact is our dollar is devalued because there is an abundance of U.S. currency in circulation.  The value of the dollar is directly related to supply and demand.  For instance, remember when cell phones were first sold in our nation, the prices were prohibitive for many. However, now that they are more abundant and commonplace, the prices have lowered to as little as “free” in many instances. 

 It used to be that the Federal Reserve published a report which contained an M3 number. This figure would convey to the public just how much money was actually in circulation.  Mysteriously, the Federal Reserve has elected to no longer provide the public with that figure. Thus their printing presses can continue to roll out currency as they see fit, watering down the value of our dollar.  Our foreign nations who trade heavily with us are not imbecilic economists.  Clearly the only reason to NOT provide such a number is to hide the true value of our currency.   And as such, international trading with us has been subdued.
This is Economics 101…(although not likely to be taught as such.) Suppose I was investing in fine art. Wouldn’t it be reasonable for me to know just how many pieces an artist created?  Of course. As it would determine the value of any art I purchased by this artist.  So why would anyone invest in a commodity who’s true value cannot be rightly determined?
Be aware that the Federal Reserve is a nation unto itself.  It is NOT part of the U.S. Government.  Sure the Federal Reserve Chairman is appointed by the U.S. president, but are you certain that whom he appoints is of his own choosing?  You keep spouting how we need to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil; how about eliminating our dependence on the foreign nation that rules our currency?  All of the U.S. Presidents who have attempted to stand up to and eliminate this cartel dependence have met with serious demise.  (Kennedy, Reagan for example.)
If our nation’s currency can simply be printed up in accordance to the Feds whims, with no checks and balances, then the value of the dollar is questionable.  Thus in my mind it behooves us to incur as little debt as possible so that we remove ourselves from this shell game as much as possible.
Why is our budget deficit $407 billion dollars? Because those that play with the money only see it as Monopoly money.  They figure they can simply print more.  “Let’s just call the Federal Reserve and ask them to loan us more money.”  Where does this money come from? A check? Where is the money that backs up the check?  It’s not money, it’s a printing press.  Unfortunately, it’s REAL hours we work for every year through the month of May to pay for our nation’s REAL debt.  That debt is paid for by the sweat of our brows.  Our federal income taxes do not go for road improvements, social security, or Medicaid. It all goes to pay the INTEREST on the debt that our nation’s “leaders” have imposed upon us.  I have no offense in paying for the services that I require.  But unfortunately I’m not receiving the benefit of those services.  I cannot count on Social Security when I need to retire, neither can 80+% of all retirement-aged Americans.  I could go on and on here with the façade of services we’ve been led to believe our tax dollars pay for, but the bottom line is we’ve had very little say in what our tax dollars pay buy, or how they enslave us.   Now that’s what I call “taxation without representation.”  And not only are we being arduously taxed, but those dollars with which we pay our taxes are being destabilized dramatically.  A Double Whammy!

So here’s my solution, as a patriotic American I say let’s be proud to be American and let’s take advantage of the freedoms that we still have in this country.  This doesn’t mean we have to like what they do with our financial matters, but fortunately they don’t have ultimate control. This nation was built on the backs of visionary entrepreneurs and it’s future lies in the hands of those same visionary, determined hearts.  I feel like so many of us get so tired keeping up with our business and keeping our heads above water that we forget that we are very powerful in determining our outcome.  So learn what game you’re really playing in, and learn how to leverage your entrepreneurial inclinations to maximize your prosperity so you don’t need their credit.
If you would like to increase your prosperity, join the Money, Mind, Marketing consulting program today.  This is the only complete consulting program which shows you how to leverage your knowledge to create unprecedented business results, and to live a life of true prosperity, not just one on paper.  Sure marketing knowledge is important, but what good is it if it’s unaccompanied by a sound understanding of fiscal matters as well.  By learning from a true expert and my innovative money strategies, you can expect to increase your business revenue at little as 20% to as much as 600% in the next 12 months!  Simply go to www.moneymindmarketing.com to begin.
You may also desire to subscribe to the nation’s only non-politically or fiscally motivated publication, Monetary Intelligence Magazine.  Go to www.monetaryintel.com to register for your marketing, money and mind mastery without the fluff.

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Unfortunately, there are many of you reading this who can completely relate to this content. I say “unfortunately”, not because of a predisposed judgment on single moms, but only because I would certainly wish for a complete, whole, and happy life for all of our readers. But the fact is, single motherhood abounds in our nation. My mother raised the 5 of us single-handedly for much of our lives—sometimes even when she was married to one of her 5 husbands. And thus it is one of my goals to make a significant impact in the lives of single mothers nationwide with the knowledge and technology that is now available for women working from home. Let’s face it. It’s hard enough raising your children alone. But attempting to make a positive influence in their lives with only a couple hours of exposure each day is clearly not for the feint of heart. Add financial strains of all kinds, contentious interactions with a family, and a lack of time to rejuvenate your own sanity, this working Mom stuff is the job of a saint! (Ok, I admit that it doesn’t look very saintly right now, but don’t worry, history has a way of clearing away some of the bad moments and teaching your children in their later years that you were right on so many levels. *wink* ) Ok. You already know how tough your job is, right? Well, allow me to share with you how it can get much easier; thanks to the availability of real marketing knowledge and modern technology, women no longer have to choose between expensive day care, leaving their children for the majority of the day in the hands of teachers and strangers, deciding between health insurance or positive extracurricular activities, and so many other choices that are painful for any mother to make who truly cares for her children. Surely you never dreamed of growing up someday and ending up handling all that life dishes out on your own. With the right knowledge, you no longer have to make that choice.

My favorite sister in the whole wide world had two little girls to care for, all by herself. Meanwhile, she was also battling an abusive husband in the court system as well to retain custody of one of them. The last thing she wanted to do was to relinquish her girls to anything other than her nurturing, love, and values. At this time, I was earning a very good income working in the wholesale portion of the residential industry. My sister was a sharp cookie, and I was convinced that if I could train her properly, she could do what I did, which did not require me to leave the house for hours on end. Essentially, I did a lot of work from my home, my computer, and my phone. Bless my sister’s heart. She faithfully and patiently studied with me for several hours a day for a week—long distance via telephone and computer— to learn the mortgage business inside and out. And as a result she landed a job as a wholesale account executive where she could still be at the crossroads of her daughter’s lives. Sure she had to work hard learning the information. Sure she had to venture where she never had before. But she made it and her girls have grown up amazingly well-balanced and wonderful!

My point is, you have a wealth of knowledge right now. Yes, WEALTH. You simply need to connect with individuals who can assist you in leveraging that knowledge.
There’s a popular story known as Acres of Diamonds. I find especially when I consult with single mom’s that they have this belief that they have very little to offer the world from home that anyone would pay for, let alone enough to support their family. And yet you do not have to look far to see evidence that that simply is not the case. What about the famous stay-at-home blogger who now makes more money blogging from home than she did at a high-paying IT job? Or what about Stephanie Meyer who writes national best-selling books from the comfort of her home? What about successful home sales specialists who provide fellowship in addition to quality products from companies such as Reliv, Pampered Chef, or Mary Kay? I personally have dozens of friends who are SUCCESSFUL women working in this aspect of business. We’re not talking about stuffing envelopes or making cold calls, here. You have numerous examples of fulfilling roles and prestigious women leaders. (In fact, you can hear from 4 of them at the upcoming Ultimate Success Gala on November 13-15 in Salt Lake City! Carolyn Kepcher, Susan Adams, Chin-Ning Chu, and Sydney Biddle Barrows will rock your world with their examples of a realistic and achievable strength and power!)

This advice isn’t simply for working moms. It’s applicable for individuals who are working hard at numerous jobs and still not making ends meet, or for the married mom who feels compelled to leave home to help bring in income for the family. You no longer have to make that painful choice. YOU CAN LEARN TO LEVERAGE YOUR EXISTING KNOWLEDGE and earn a living which actually sustains you—while you work from home. All you need to do is learn how to leverage the information you’ve been given through your education, life’s experiences, or your hobbies. Whether you want to work in the mortgage industry, scrapbooking, network marketing, cooking, or belly dancing, it doesn’t matter. The tools are available for you NOW. I know this because I live by this rule and am able to support the livelihood of all of my employees as well by implementing these real and applicable strategies. I just wish my mother could have seen it in her lifetime. It’s available in yours. So take advantage of it!

I will do my part. I will gladly provide you with access to my knowledge and expertise with the same fervor that I did my sister so many years ago, so that I can repay my wonderful single mother for all that she did for us kids and also for all of the other single moms out there who struggle so hard to make ends meet.

Single Moms, I salute you!

If you would like access to your exclusive, expert training in the three most important components of success— Money, Mind Marketing, register today for a free trial membership at http://www.moneymindmarketing.com/ You and your family have everything to gain!

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Holy Cow! It’s only Monday, and already I feel like I’ve led a Revolutionary War into its last battle. I’m sure you’ve had those kinds of days as well, especially Mondays; however, I wanted to share with you a saying that drives me even on days like this, which a friend of mine, Lee Milteer, enunciates so well for. “There are no victims, only volunteers.” I realize that every day I don’t press forward— Monday or not— I’m simply volunteering to get run over by whatever bull, train, or maniacal 4 year old is heading my way. It’s kind of like the steering in your car; if you simply let the car steer by itself, inevitably you’ll end up in a collision of some sort- that’s an apathetic volunteering. But if you are determined in your course and proactively steer, you’ll get to make the choice of where you arrive.

If your business is struggling, the very best thing you can do is to stop volunteering to surrender it. Revive it with new information and new strategy. Contrary to popular opinion, revitalizing your business and your client base does not require cash infusion. It merely requires emotional, intelligent and enthusiastic infusion. That’s not easy to muster on your own sometimes. When that’s the case, you simply need to consult with the right friends; business professionals and associates who can help you get there.Here’s to your success! I hope you volunteer for it!

For a complimentary 3 month subscription of Kellene’s High-Rise Entrepreneurs E-zine, subscribe at www.HighRiseEntrepreneurs.com.
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Here’s a secret, even the most successful business owners get help with their business. Who mentors you on your business? Me? I go to the very best. Sometimes I do it live and in person, sometimes I only have the time to access to their books. Sometimes I have the luxury of speaking to them directly. But I believe this blog today will help you see the just how close success really is, even to your world and your heap of challenges.

Lee Milteer is the world renowned Millionaire Smarts® Coach. She’s also a personal friend. She’s literally helped shape my business. (photo on this site) While Lee may appear to be smart, drop-dead gorgeous, and that success come simply to her, she has suffered numerous bona fide tragedies in her life that some would cower to even think about. You’ll still hear her Southern “Caint” come out of her mouth frequently, and if she elects to share with you any of her personal life, you’ll hear that she is targeted perhaps that much more because of her fame. And yet she has had her books published worldwide in multiple languages, coached some of the biggest corporations in the world, and continues on…and still continues having struggles just like everyone else. (http://www.leemilteer.com/ )

Dan Kennedy has assisted in creating more millionaires than any research has revealed. He is THE marketing guru, but in such high demand, he’s completely booked at over $12,000 for a few hours of consulting at a great deal of inconvenience to his prospective clients until he retires. Dan was earning 6 figures through his marketing expertise in the seventies. The 70’s folks! That is a lot of money now and it sure was a lot of money then. He was charging $35,000 a year for his coaching services way back then and yet many folks balk at that now. In spite of his grand successes he’s had some extremely tough times as well, including financial set-backs. He’s still managed to conquer alcoholism, diabetes, and in my opinion, the ultimate victory, he’s re-married his second wife, Carla. (http://www.dankennedy.com/) He’s also a vital mentor to my business. (photo on this site as well) While I would go so far as to consider him a friend, Dan has a strict “no friend” policy amongst his clients. *grin* -It’s a positioning thing and it makes for better business in his world. I will say that he is a key advisor in my business success on a regular basis.

George Ross of The Apprentice fame is obviously a keen business man. He’s had some ugly negotiations which is inevitable in the world he plays in. He’s no stranger to struggle. Did you know that more fortunes have been lost in real estate than have ever been made? He says that his biggest mistakes was trusting friends. (Ouch. That has to be a painful one to learn from on so many levels.) And he’s clearly no stranger to success. In my opinion his biggest one is that he’s been married for over 50 years to the same woman. Clearly, he’s also one of my valued mentors. (photo also on this site.) You may be surprised to hear that out of all of the favorite sayings this chief negotiator could have, it’s this, “Failure + Perseverance = Success.” Trivia note: The most common question George is asked is, “Is Omarosa as bad as she appears on T.V.?” His response, “No. She’s much worse.”

The legendary Gene Simmons is anything but a rock star to me. He’s a business man and an ultimate marketer who I watch and learn from intently. The KISS brand is worth more money than ANY other music name in history- yup, even Elvis. Did you know that Gene came to the U.S. at the age of 8. He was born in Israel. He was a straight A student. He speaks Japanese, German, Hebrew, Hungarian and believes fervently in embracing the culture he’s in, in order to ingratiate himself better to them. He doesn’t drink or smoke and he never did drugs?? He used to deliver newspapers when he started his band and was going to school. He practically worships his mother who was in a Nazi concentration camp in Germany. He’s had the same “girlfriend” for over two decades- significantly longer than many Hollywood types “marry.” His father left he and his mother while he was still very young. While I still may not agree with some of his personal choices, I do wholeheartedly agree with his business sense and learn from it zealously. (yup- got a photo of that one too.) (Of course, I have to sensor some of it to get to the business aspect, but that’s my life in the business world in general unfortunately.)

And to balance out the Gene Simmons influence, my world would not be complete without the wonderful Nido Qubein. If you don’t know, Nido is the Chairman of the Board of The Great Harvest Bread Co. AND he is also the Dean of High Point University. HPU has gone from financial ruin and horrible student statistics to being one of the most expensive, illustrious, and most competitive universities to get into nowadays. The majority of their students graduate, which means that the majority of their students continue re-enrolling as well! This man came to this country with very little English, virtually no money in his pocket and nothing but a dream. He’s a genuine story of the American Dream. He made his first million by age 30. He has a vocabulary of 3,120 words and yet most people have use of a vocabulary of 5,000 and yet he’s more successful using 70% less vocabulary than most Americans are. Look at what he’s accomplished??! And yet he even spends an average of $30,000 a year to improve his mind. What an amazing influence he has had on tens of thousands individuals both in and out of business. I just finished being mentored by him personally over the last 4 months, and I also get the benefit of countless of his CDs and several of his books. (of course I have a pic of him on this site too.)

My point is if you want to be the best, you need to learn from others who have paved the way before you. You’re not going to learn business success from animals or by watching T.V. You’ll learn from getting our hands dirty, activating your mind and genuine interaction with humans. And even though some humans that you would love to learn from seem to be untouchable because of where you think you are now, you are mistaken.

There’s a difference of only a few degrees in an airplane’s coordinates between a safe landing and a horrific crash landing, right? The opposite is true as well. There’s a difference of only a few degrees between floundering and flourishing. The difference is what we do with the trials, what knowledge we seek out and implement. Contrary to your belief, even famous people are not untouchable, perfect people. They are real people with real life stories you can relate to and learn from. They will not have done exactly what you will do, because you are unique and you have your very own path to walk. But you do not have to walk our path alone. In fact, you get to walk it with other great and courageous individuals like some that I have mentioned.

For a complimentary 3 month subscription of Kellene’s High-Rise Entrepreneurs E-zine, subscribe at www.HighRiseEntrepreneurs.com.

If you would like to know how you can dramatically improve the state of your entrepreneurial efforts through Kellene’s coaching, check out www.moneymindmarketing.com.

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