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Many who “have arrived” have wisely said, “If it was easy to do, everyone would be doing it.” This applies to many aspects of our life, but particularly to success. I frankly wonder why more people don’t choose to live their life with the ultimate of success and just do what it takes to accomplish that? Why is the majority of the wealth in the world held by a mere 1%, and in our nation by 3%? Surely these numbers are not indicative of the self-esteem or intelligence level of our nation and our globe, are they?

As my husband channel surfs, I catch a glimpse, of those so-called reality shows and see how some folks ostensibly behave, even when the cameras are on them. Or I read the newspaper headlines or TV News sites and see how others sadly choose to live out their life. Then there’s the countless court dockets filled with evidence of the poor choices of many. And lastly, where individuals seem to perform their darkest is on the websites which encourage anonymous cowards to post whatever comments they see fit in the moment, without accountability for truth or identity. Ahh…with all of this, I finally get it. It’s all about choice. While it’s a sad commentary, it seems to indicate that only a small percentage of humankind actually chooses to be great, significant, or to lead meaningful lives. Perhaps they don’t realize the power of the choices they hold.

Some time ago, I had a student in one of my 4 day courses. He was clearly an intelligent person, but anything except appropriately social. In fact, it was the first time I ever had individuals in my class ask me NOT to make them sit by someone—him. When I asked why they felt this way, the individuals complained about how negative he was. Apparently he had spent well over the last year of his life with no job, living at home with his parents, doing nothing but “getting back at a large mortgage company” in a law suit. I believe that ultimately he was victorious in the suit, but he was clearly left unfulfilled with no substance in his life. To this day he is chasing after yet another “legal rabbit” and spends time posting his view of others on the web, spreading filth and ire to all who will listen and still has done nothing to make choices of how best to use his intelligence that will benefit others.

There are many sad examples of such wasted lives marked by a path of poor choices. I have come to realize that being successful is mostly about choice and the belief that your life merits such fulfillment. Why do so few achieve this lofty path? Perhaps it’s because they feel that it is removed from them by some imaginary cultural divide, when in fact, it’s only out of reach until they make the choices to journey there.


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