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bailout-gm-chryslerAs I shared earlier, bailing out the auto manufacturers of GM and Chrysler is a very bad idea.  These companies have already shown that they are incapable of running a tight ship.  And they could easily declare bankruptcy and never pay back the American taxpayers the money we’ve given them.  Well, guess what?  That’s exactly what GMs auditors are saying is going to happen with GM.  In spite of the bailout monies given to them, there is still talk of filing for bankruptcy “protection.”  I love how they call it that in corporate America.  “Protection”…like the taxpayers are the bad guys for wanting their bailout money paid back.

As you know AIG has been granted MORE money.  This is what really irks me.  GM and Chrysler are auto manufacturers. I suppose you can expect that they will “miscalculate” money.  But AIG is a money manager!  Not only were they criminal in their handling of money previously, but we gave them a bailout and they’ve shown that they are consistent with their mismanagement of money yet again!  What part of us giving them MORE money doesn’t seem incredibly ludicrous to anyone else out there?

apathyAnd yet we Americans have allowed this insanity to rage on.  Who reading this has actually taken time to write their government “leaders” and let them know that this is unacceptable?  Very, very few.  And since the rationale can be applied that the “very few” don’t reflect the sentiments of the majority, the insanity rages on because our government “leaders” have forgotten their responsibility is to solely defend and protect our freedoms.  If such a crystal clear ruler was used when they made such insane financial decisions, then the bail out would never have happened in the first place, let alone the stimulus package. In what way do these monies defend and protect the freedoms of American citizens life, liberty, and possession of property?  NONE.  It only creates a heavier burden of bondage on us due to the horrific taxation that will follow. 

I pray that it is not too late for Americans to take action and responsibility for the insurance of their own freedoms instead of continuing to delegate incompetents to do so.

In Freedom,


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expensive-gasI think that the stimulus package is a GREAT idea.  I think it just may stimulate a wealth of what this nation needs the most of right now…ACTION.

If you had been caught up in a natural disaster and went to the gas pump to purchase fuel only to find that the prices had been jacked up to $10 a gallon, surely you would take action right?  You would call the authorities. You would demand that things be made right, right? 


Then why are so many of our American citizens allowing for the same price gauging behavior now in the midst of this economic crisis?!


1100 pages of a bill that no one has read and yet our so-called leaders have voted for on our behalf.  Really?  On our behalf?  Was it in our behalf that the gas station jacked up its price to $10 a gallon?  No.  It was opportunistic politicking. And it’s very much like price gauging.


So many citizens are in a panic mode. They are understandably demanding action.  And as a result of our vulnerable pain and concern our political leaders who were voted into office to serve our needs are using such a dire situation to orchestrate their continued role of power and the charade of serving their fellowmen. 


And since no one read the 1100 pages of a spending bill, we’re now hearing that there may need to be yet another spending bill to fill in the gaps!


The American people did not cry out for a bill to fix roads, IRS administrative costs, or STD prevention.  I’m sorry. This may sound crass here. But why in the world should my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren have to be indebted with a tax burden just because someone can’t take time to use a condom or to manage their hormones?!  


They NEED jobs and tax relief!  And yet only 12 cents of every dollar we are burdened with in the form of taxes will even go to that end. 


If these facts don’t bring you to take action to reclaim your freedom and dignity, then I’m not sure what will. You wouldn’t suffer yourself to endure such indignity of a price gauging at a gas station. Surely you will not stand for something so much worse!


I hope that this stimulus bill creates action on the part of our American citizens, as we’ve had a dearth of such action since the Regan era of capitalism.  This bill is a prison sentence to generations upon generations.  This bill certainly won’t create jobs.  It will make some cronies wealthy, I’m sure.  But no government can create jobs for a free people and have them continue to be free.  Only we can truly be responsible for our living, our debts, and our future and still have freedom.


Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.
You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.  


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